Aklima Akter

Aklima (she/her/hers) attends College of Staten Island double majoring in Political Science and International Business. Being first generation immigrant American, she always took advantage of being passionate in her identity and educating the people around her. Aklima witnessed many young girls lack the proper resources to get an education in Bangladesh and made it her driving force to bring awareness to the issues by being involved nationally and locally. From being a Youth Group Leader, holding leadership training workshops, to a weekend school teacher, and engaging in multiple youth led programs, her work has always involved the younger generation. Aklima strives to help young Muslim women to become more in touch with their identity and be confident in their own passions and create their own story. Platform has been the best place for her to share her voice and put her passion to work in order to create a safe space for women to bring awareness to their struggles and help create a new wave of what it means to have voices heard.