When They Say

Categories: Misc.

When they say

Be independent
What they mean is
Use your voice

When they say
You can do anything
What they mean is
Make your own choices
Don’t be constrained

I think what I heard was
I don’t need anyone
I’m supposed to get through this crazy, scary world all by myself
It’s not okay to want a shoulder to cry on, because it means I’m not strong
It’s not okay to ask questions, because it means I don’t know
It’s not okay to ask for help, because it means I’m not efficient, effective, intelligent, good at what I’m doing

Maybe it’s okay to find loving friends and parents and family who care about you and want you to succeed
And maybe it’s okay to rely on those people
Maybe it’s okay to call your mom every day
Or come home and sleep on your boyfriend’s chest
Maybe it’s okay to need to see your therapist
To need to get coffee with your best friend

You don’t have to be alone
To be independent
You don’t have to be independent
To feel strong
You don’t have to feel strong
To be strong