WOMEN WILL ROAR: Why I’m Okay With Being a Bitch.

Categories: Activism

Hi, I’m a bitch. It has its moments: sometimes I feel on top of the world with my wit and strength, other times I feel like a horrid person. Now, I don’t randomly scream at people because my day is going bad, that’s not me. But what is me is calling people out on their BS. And for that, I’m pegged as a bitch. Just because we speak out about what’s wrong, about what’s cruel- we’re pegged as the ones who are wrong. Well, I’ve had enough. And with this, I hope I can speak for more people, besides myself.

We’ve been told to smile constantly, to keep our legs closed, to not cake on our faces- to basically be the world’s personal build your own Barbie doll. It’s 2018 and that isn’t going to fly.

We’ve been hurt so much that we grew a wall between us and the negativity that most parade as ‘being normal.’ The reason we call you out on your BS is because we’ve heard it so many times to the point that we’ve had enough.

To the comedians in my college, your rape jokes aren’t funny, you never know who’s been affected by it. The racist jokes, they aren’t funny whether or not there’s malicious intent. You poking fun at people with disabilities isn’t a comedy sketch, it’s the reason why so many fear living. Just stay quiet. But don’t tell me to stay quiet for trying to put you in your place.

Now being friends with men, I’ve primarily hung around men my entire life. Growing up, my friends were the opposite gender, so I get the banter, the yanking of the chains, and the shitty jokes. But I won’t deal with people saying I’m man-hating just because I call a few out for being mean.

When I discuss feminism, I get either eye rolls or enthusiastic roars- either way, I live for it. But with the eye rolls comes comments like, “But you don’t get along with women,” and, “I thought you didn’t like her.” Okay, that doesn’t mean I want her to feel like any less of a human. Yes, I may not get along with a lot of women, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight for their fundamental human rights.

Next, f*ck your gender roles. If I want to smoke cigars and have sex with more people than you, that’s okay. If I want to never smoke, drink and have no sex until I’m married, that’s okay too. There’s no problem with either, the only problem is you judging people for how they live their life. Don’t judge me for being a sexually empowered woman, then cry when I call you out for your lack of understanding or basic knowledge. Don’t judge me for me, and I will show you the same respect. It’s that simple.

Why am I a bitch? Being a Nasty Woman or a bitch is not an insult, sorry. I’d rather be a bitch than another pedestal for you to step on your way up. In your definition, I am. I’m the girl you call a crazy feminist and tell your friends to stay away from. But in my definition, I’m just a nasty woman calling it as I see it. You only call me that because I speak what’s on my mind like you do. The only difference is that what I say disagrees with how you’re acting. My words tear down systems of oppression, yours uphold the sexism in the world and the norms in society we need to break. When I speak, I speak for the voices you choose to mock.

I won’t be ashamed about being considered a bitch. Because I’d rather speak my mind than let the world keep me silent.


Delilah Gray is a Journalism Major with double minors in Political Science and Women’s Studies at Hofstra University. She hopes to also get her Masters in Education as soon as she graduates. Whatever she does with her life, she wants to work on journalism, activism, and help people. She enjoys bodypainting, writing short stories, exploring nature, going on road trips, writing articles all about social justice, and reading.