A Story To Be Sung

Categories: Delegate Perspective

My name is Brittany Morgan and I am a twenty year old college student with a story to be sung. Growing up in a large Jamaican-American family from Springfield, Massachusetts I learned of the emphasis to be educated in a community stifled by systematic racism at a young age. Though I went to a performing arts high school nurturing my love for music and the performing arts, I was able to participate in my community through leadership and political programs.

Due to the generosity of donors within my community I joined the Youth in Government Program. In this program I realized how powerful our voices are, regardless of our age, race, gender, and/or sexual orientation. I left the Massachusetts conference with an award for most outstanding bill presented to the Senate. However, the skills of leadership, effectively communicating ideas and the art of persuasion were what I was most grateful for from that experience. These very skills are what I am excited to exercise once again at Platform.

Currently, I am working two jobs in Chicago in order to pay my way through college. Going to Platform will give me the opportunity to meet others that are also concerned with the way our society has put a high value on having an education but not the opportunities to effectively achieve one. As a young vocalist, I not only sing songs but I also use my voice to speak up about issues and challenges hindering the quality of life for all Americans. Ending systematic racism in America and providing greater opportunities for the disadvantaged to attain a college education are the core issues I will be fighting for.

The opportunity to speak up for others around the country at Platform is something that will not only enrich me but others as well. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak in Washington, D.C. thanks to the grace of another human beings act of selflessness and love. Thank you to Jennifer for being a responsible young activist and the many other contributors that made efforts to have this year’s Platform become a reality. Again, thank you for supporting me in my political endeavors. Stories will be told, and resolutions shall be written.