I’m Tired

Categories: Delegate Perspective

I am attending Platform because I’m tired of being underrepresented and appreciated. In fact, I’m tired of seeing everyone I know being underrepresented and appreciated. I need a legislature that works for me and my community, just as the legislature needs us to vote and pay our taxes on time. We invest all the money we have into the economy and I know it’s time to pave a better, newer, and more efficient road. I’m attending because I am a productive member of society and it’s time for our government to equal out the playing field and give us the equity and renovations we need. I am attending because it’s time for the legislature to release the social stigma perceived onto myself and others.

Overall, I’m attending because I’m unhappy and I’m hoping that my vote and demands matter enough for the people making the final decisions to take action, perform properly, and represent me. It is also one of the best ideas that I’ve directly come across in a long time.