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I am attending this convention because I believe in my ability to make a difference and I know that Platform will empower me to do so. Growing up, my father always told me that in order to survive in this world as a woman, you cannot let a little wind knock you down; you have to be stronger and keep pushing.

I am ready to push and engage in efforts that will result in positive change.

Many women in this country and beyond are among the most vulnerable and voiceless individuals, and if I can find my voice and learn how to effectively use it for good then I hope that I can be an advocate for the girl that lacks power and opportunity.

Therefore, I come to this convention fighting for women all over. For those that are treated as second-class citizens. I am fighting for equality. I am fighting for my friend, who shouldn’t have been made felt less than human after being raped. I am fighting for my little sister, who shouldn’t have to let money be a factor when choosing a college to go to. I am fighting for the 8-year old girl in a developing nation, who should be allowed to follow ambitions that are beyond being a wife and a mother.

I am fighting for us, the ones who are constantly being defined by the shape of our brows and the amount of blush on our cheeks rather than the powerful content of our minds. The ones who are told to cover up and stay quiet before being told to stand up and fight. I am fighting to push forward, so that our efforts can transcend into effective change.