I Am Not Ready For Another Celebrity To Run For Office…Even If They Are A Woman

Categories: Elections

Like church and state, I also think Hollywood and Washington, D.C. should be kept separate.

Recently the Wall Street Journal reported actress Cynthia Nixon was considering running for governor of New York in the 2018 election against the incumbent Andrew Cuomo. The “Sex and The City” star was apparently approached by liberal supporters. She responded on the “Today” show saying, “I think there are a lot of people who would love me to run.”

Rightfully so. This wouldn’t be Nixon’s first dive into the world of politics. Besides playing a lawyer on television for many years, in 2014 she served on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s advisory board for the Mayor’s Fund To Advance New York City, according to The Huffington Post. Her wife Christine Marinoni was the special adviser for community partnerships with the city’s Department of Education. However, I’m still not sold.

Regardless of qualification, and even interest, the 2016 election should be enough of a cautionary tale of what can happen when TV personalities run for office…and win. In no way do Nixon’s policies and plans as governor of New York compare to those of  former “Apprentice” host and President of the United States Donald Trump’s. However, the fanfare a celebrity in office can ensue is enough of a deterrent for me.

The shock and awe of a businessman turned reality TV star allowed for a lot of the tough questions in the 2016 election to be pushed to the wayside, until it was too late.

Our political system and country as a whole is in such a fragile state, and serious change needs to be made. The desire for something new was obvious during Trump’s campaign, and his fame and fortune were able to help get him to the finish line. However, the last few months are evidence as to what damage can be done when someone with no prior political background or knowledge takes office.

While I stand behind women in all fields who have political interests and opinions, and hope those with a platform and following use their starlet powers for good, a celebrity politician distraction might be too big of a risk right now.