Giving Tuesday: Robin Pereira’s Story

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Back in 2004, like other eight year olds, I spent my school days playing on the playground, learning to tackle long division and participating in other school activities. Since this was also an election year my third grade  teacher made sure to squeeze in some civic engagement as well.

We did an entire section on former U.S. Presidents and discussed — in third grade vocabulary — how the election process worked. Learning about the position of president, I was instantly fascinated. Decision making? Being a leader? The power to create laws that could help others? Sounds like a good job for me!

I was sent home to write a short report on a former president. I eagerly ran home and as I started looking at the handout my teacher gave us, I began to realize something — there was never a woman President! I felt bummed out and disappointed. I was always told that “girls can do anything boys can do.” So why didn’t we see this in our government? Eight year old me knew she wanted to take a stance regardless of how small it would be. So I wrote the report on none other than myself and my campaign to run for first woman presiden

When I went to present my report the next day, I made sure to wear a navy blue dress and a pair of red glittery ballet flats. A president needs to look patriotic! When it was my turn to present, I walked up with confidence and grace, and announced my campaign to my entire class.

Looking back, this might have been a bit ambitious for someone without an elementary school degree, however from that day on I knew I wanted to see more women in government. Platform has given me the access to information and tools to successfully debate politics and lobby for change.

Currently I am a women’s rights activist and hope to one day obtain a master’s and doctorate degree, so I can pursue my dreams of working for a nonprofit, working to implement laws to protect and assist survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.