Giving Tuesday: Victoria Tiranno’s Story

Categories: Giving Tuesday

I run a club on my college campus. I was in the process of setting up a meeting with a national nonpartisan political organization, but the meeting plans were not going very well. The CEO of the company demanded to speak with my “boss” at the meeting, even though there was no such thing. He said I had no place in speaking about important political matters, since I had no real political experience.

He didn’t know me. He didn’t know of my political experience, or of any experience, before he blatantly judged me based on the little knowledge he did have.

Youth activism is so important because we somehow have to prove our worth to the world. Having a voice is easy, but using your voice is the difficult part. Working with Platform has already given me more confidence about speaking up against adversity and proving to others that I am good enough to speak up. Advice I have to people in similar situations is this: do not be afraid to be the one woman or the one student in the room. All that means is that you will bring a different perspective to ideas that the others may not have even considered. Do not hide behind others’ voices.