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I believe that the great task of our generation, as it was for each who came before us, is to learn from our past so that we may unlock the doors of  progress for now and for the future. The lesson that transcends history is that when passionate and dedicated individuals come together, we move closer to justice and equality. So we must ask ourselves: when our stories are transcribed in books and tales will they tell of how we came together to fight for what was right?

In answering that question, it is essential to consider what exactly we want our contributions to be in this chapter of American history. Among our contributions, I think our generation has the ability to ignite a feminist movement that is intersectional at its core: a movement that reflects the unique struggles and triumphs of women in every corner of this country. Our generation has the momentum to create a movement that does not claim to speak for all women, but instead ensures that all women are given a Platform from which to be heard.

The Platform Convention is harnessing that momentum and using it to facilitate dialogue and action. Platform will work to highlight and address the different experiences of all who identify as women while still celebrating the bonds of sisterhood and the pursuit of progress.

For me, that bond of sisterhood is what makes Platform possible. Months ago, this Convention was just an idea locked in my mind for fear that when I shared it others would laugh or pass it off as a fleeting thought. Yet when I presented it to the brilliant and talented women who now compose the executive team, their response could not have been more enthusiastic or supportive. They saw this as an opportunity to give their hearts to something bigger than themselves— an opportunity to empower the women around them.

In that first meeting, we bonded over shared experiences of sexism and doubt. We encouraged each other to consider new perspectives. And we set out to create a convention in which every woman is liberated from the fear that her ideas and thoughts won’t make a difference.

And so, Platform is for every woman who fights for control over her own body while others try to legislate it and claim access to it. Platform is for every woman who is working for little pay while putting food on the table or putting herself through school. Platform is for every woman who knows the strength of her ability while others only see her for her disability. Platform is for every woman trying to love and express her true self while others say it’s against nature. Platform is for every woman who embraces her culture while others appropriate and discriminate against its traditions. Platform is for every woman committed to speaking up while others try to keep her silent.

Platform is for you.