#MeToo: I am Not Your Plotline

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#MeToo. That happened to me. I’m a victim. I’m a survivor.

Over the course of the past year, we have seen a rise of women coming out in public with their stories. We have seen them band together to bring down empires. White, brown, black, straight, gay, cis, and trans women have been banning together in to remind the world that some men often structure life against us.

We have had to publicly relive our traumas in order to form our army. I myself have publicly outlined my traumas in order to reclaim my power.

We have seen this trope echoed in popular culture. A woman must be broken down and destroyed in order to rebuild as a political entity. Game of Thrones has repeatedly done this, subjecting Daenerys and Sansa to rape and abuse in order for the two to find their strength.

I am not your plot line.

My power does not come from my trauma. What they did to us was terrible, but I was strong before it happened.

I am not a piece of coal needing pressure to become a diamond. My trauma did not transform me or unveil some new true version of myself. To be clear, I was always a capable queen.

There is strength in numbers and there is power in our army. But do not be confused and think that my power comes from my trauma. My power comes from those who have always believed in me. It comes from my parents, who gave up their homes so that their children can change the world. Like my DNA, my potential has been flowing through my veins.

My pain did not give rise to my power. It did not unlock my platform. It did not transform me into some mystical female warrior.

My parents did.


 Rashi Narayan is college senior studying International Development and Arabic.