The Time Is Now

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As a muslim woman, reading about the horrific murder of Nabra Hassanen was not something I could just move on from when the news did. Muslim Communities are incredibly interconnected throughout America and this hit close to home. This hit close for all of us women who are practicing of the Islamic faith, who wear the hijab- an outward display of being a Muslim, an active part of a marginalized group.

But, with constant targets on our backs, we move forward because the time is now.

We witness injustice time and time again. It is not okay. It is not okay to witness, and experience oppression and understand it to be the norm. Now many of us are overwhelmed with grief from the recent KKK, white supremacists protests in Charlottesville, V.A. It was another reminder that it is a crime to be different and that to visibly appear “different” is an apparent threat to society.

However, what is astounding is the gathering of unity after every racist hate crime and terror unto the people. We gather, we comfort, we love, and we call out the hatred. Does it last though? Another day and another horrible speech by Donald Trump. The time is now to not wait for it to pass but to educate, to engage, to speak up, to act, and to reach out to everyone.

The time is now, Platform.