Dear Future Platform Interns

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Dear Future Platform Interns,

The summer 2018 Platform interns accomplished a lot. We helped organize convention, researched policy packs, wrote blogs, interviewed advocates, coordinated meetings on Capitol Hill, organized the candidate distinction process, and started the Telling Her Story project. Unlike most internships, Platform gives you a lot of freedom – you have the power to start a project, write a blog series, and empower others through your words. My advice is: propose as many ideas as you can, write as much as you can, and take every opportunity you can to interact with Platform’s incredible network of advocates and activists. We hope that you continue to grow the work we started and bring your new perspectives and ideas to the vision of a more gender equal political system. I also hope you reach out to me so we can continue to building a powerful coalition of activists and allies across the country.

-Evie Bellew

Interning with Platform the summer of 2018 was an incredible learning experience. I had amazing opportunities all because of Platform. I had the privilege to be a part of a conference where I heard Senators such as Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris speak. I got to hear from women all over the country and their passions to run for office. I got to be a part of Platform’s amazing convention this summer where I learned how to lobby for the issues I’m passionate about. I even had the opportunity to have an intergenerational feminist talk with my mother and grandmother. Platform has given me and so many other young women the confidence and tools need to be included in politics. I have enjoyed being surrounded by intelligent young women all summer. I have learned so much and when you intern for Platform you will too. There are so many opportunities I have had through this organization but the most important thing I have learned is how to get my voice heard.

-India Card

Platform Interns Nataly, India, Anna, and Evie

Being a part of Platform during the summer of 2018 was such a rewarding and uplifting experience. From the moment I had my interview to the last day of the internship, I knew I was surrounded by women who are doing the utmost to uplift, support, and protect each other. This internship experience has really helped me shape and define how I want to continue advocating for feminism. I know I will take much of what I have learned back to my community and will continue to stay connected to the women I work with as they really have become my community. It might sound cheesy, but I know these women will always have my back and I will always have theirs. My advice for future interns is to really explore your passions and take advantage of the independence allowed to you. You will have so many women supporting you, don’t be afraid to take a risk or speak up! Platform has definitely helped me shape my voice and given me confidence to speak up about issues I care about, and I hope to inspire others to do the same. When we all speak up, our voices are heard. So start talking.

-Anna Peichel

It’s not everyday that you hear a rising sophomore has an internship for their freshman summer. And it’s certainly not everyday that young women are given an outlet to learn, train, and participate in politics by ensuring their voices are heard. But there is an extraordinarily unique non-profit that have allowed me to check off both of these feats. Platform has given me a drive this summer to participate more actively in politics through social media, writing, editing, designing, and organizing events. I have been given an amazing opportunity to share my beliefs, learn from others, and hone in on what it means to be a social justice warrior. The skills, memories, and friendships I have made will continue to strengthen me and help all women create a future we can believe in. Platform is still growing and I can’t wait to see what’s next and what you will have to contribute.

-Nikita Forrester

Intern Nikita Speaking Outside the Capitol
Evie Bellew is a rising senior majoring in American Studies and Political Science at Tufts University. She is involved with the Tufts Prison Initiative, Strong Women Strong Girls, and campus activism groups. As a part-time student at the SMFA she loves making art and is the podcast director on the Tufts Observer. In her free time, you will find her interviewing strangers, exploring the outdoors, cooking vegetarian meals, and speaking out against injustice.
India Card is a rising sophomore at American University. She is a CLEG major which is the interdisciplinary studies of: communication, legal institutions, economics, and government. India is a program assistant for DC Reads on American University’s campus, which has worked to improve the historically low literacy rates of DC Public Schools. She is also the Environmental and Health chair of American University’s branch of the NAACP. She is a passionate in fighting for universal equality, enjoys traveling to new places, and is a Scorpio.
Anna Peichel is a Political Science major with a focus in gender and public policy and Communication minor at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. She is the Feminist Social Justice Coordinator at the Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL) at CSB, where she coordinates campus programs and events dedicated to advocating social justice through a feminist lens. Through her work with the IWL, she brought body-positive activist Jessamyn Stanley to campus. Anna is also the president of the gender and sexuality education club PRiSM. She is a fierce advocate for intersectional feminism, a crazy cat lady, and a lover of traveling.
Nikita Forrester is a sophomore at Cornell University pursuing a degree in Communication with a Business minor and an Inequality Studies minor. She is a member of Rotaract Club, an organization focused on local and international community service projects. Nikita is also a member of the F word which has weekly discussions about feminist issues and works on various projects throughout the semester. Throughout her time in her college, she plans to increase her involvement in social justice issues and play a larger role in planning events that happen on campus. Nikita is extremely passionate about intersectional feminism and hopes to expand her outreach to affect change her community.