I Will Get Loud

Categories: Misc.
Tags: voice

On the East Side of Berlin

There is a wall covered in


Flowers and earth and colors

And humans

Such beautiful humans

Of all different shapes and sizes


Artists from all over the world

Painted and wrote and decorated

For the freedom of self-expression

For passion

For the freedom to be


The wall used to separate

The East from the West

It used to be a division

A blockade


But now it is a symbol of compassion

Of resilience


I cannot break down all the walls

And turn them into beauty

But I can do my part

I can write

I can read

I can listen


I will plant a seed in others

I will let it grow

I will get loud

And louder

Until I am heard



Laura Fletcher is a researcher, yogi, and aspiring OB GYN and women’s health advocate. She graduated with a degree in Biology from Cornell University and currently lives in Washington, D.C.