Today In America

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Today in America
The sights are those I’ve seen before
Arms bound in swastikas
Hands dripping with stars and bars
Heads adorned with hoods

But they show their eyes because
racism need not be hidden
Today in America

Today in America
They wear those symbols like crowns
Spun from cotton their hands did not grow
Paid for by money won on raids
And bequeathed to them by those who wrote tales of oppression
To justify another’s blood on their hands

Today in America
The sounds are those I’ve heard before

Fire whipping against the night air
Slurs dripping from their mouths
Hate seeping from their tongues

But they let the words flow because
racism and hate speech is protected

Today in America

Today in America
The burden is one that’s been carried before
And we’ve watched as the oppressed’s backs bend over from its weight but stayed silent
And we’ve stepped in the oppressed’s hands for a lift up but kept our arms at our sides
And we’ve kept our heads toward the sky
To spin beautiful tales of America
To curate her history with promises of tomorrow

But Tomorrow in America is coming
And it will look much like today
And it will be built by legacies of yesterday

If we do not name this plague
White Supremacy
and commit ourselves to its eradication

Today in America