Make Gun Control A Reality

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Here’s the deal. We get lazy. Right now we are all upset about the absolutely tragic events that took place in Las Vegas last night (with reason, of course). But in two weeks we’ll be caught up in our own lives again (all the while forgetting how many people can no longer do that because they’ve lost their lives to gun violence). When the shooting at Sandy Hook happened, we were speechless. When Pulse happened, we were beside ourselves. When shootings happen in general, we naively ask ourselves, “how could this happen?!” and ignorantly say, “#ThoughtsAndPrayers #(insert yet another city here).” That has never been enough.

It is absurd and terrifying that we are the main country where this regularly happens yet we have not actively made constant and conscious efforts to change it. Again: we get lazy. But listen: we CAN change this. We can make calls and talk to people. Those you read about in history books who have made change were people just like you and me. However, we sit around waiting for someone to just make this all go away, and that’s not how this works. We sit around convincing ourselves time and time again that these occurrences are freak accidents with no explanation when that’s just not the case. The only things disappearing right now are lives. By the thousands. Thanks to our idleness.

“But you can let your anger take you nowhere or you can let it take you to the right place.”

If you are outraged: good. You absolutely should be. But you can let your anger take you nowhere or you can let it take you to the right place. Step. Up.

I’m calling out but I’m also calling in: if you are one of those people who keeps talking about how passionate you are about standing for the National Anthem, then you sure as hell better have that same fire under your ass now. If you believe in the freedom this country has to offer, exemplify what it means to be the “home of the brave” and step up to protect your peers. I know sometimes it’s hard to wrap your brain around things like this, but I’m telling you now that it is NEVER too late to do the right thing and it’s NOT embarrassing to care about strangers. It’s NOT embarrassing to call your representatives and it’s NOT embarrassing to speak up about issues that change lives. And trust me: it will be WORTH IT.

My heart is with those affected by the tragic events that took place in Las Vegas and I am fully planning on calling as many people as I can to make gun control a reality. We cannot continue living in a society where we are literally waiting to be shot. We need to love each other and that really shouldn’t be that difficult.