It’s My Time to Soar

Categories: Misc.

When I was a senior in high school I sang a song called “Watch Me Soar” written by Scott Alan. This song is about a young girl growing up to be a strong young woman. The final lyric in the song is, “I know that it’s hard for you to imagine, that I’m not the young girl you once knew. I’m no longer 12 what you see is a woman, soaring in front of you.”

To this day, I think about this song and specifically that lyric constantly. While I continue to think about this song over the years, my relationship to these words has changed. Singing this song as a soon to be college freshman, soaring to me meant growing up and pushing myself to be a strong and independent student, employee, and woman. Now- nearly 5 years since singing this song for the first time- I am a college graduate working in a DC tech startup and “soaring” to me is completely different. Soaring is much more than just being strong and independent; people who soar are also fighters, advocates, and bold.

Today, I’m soaring because I am willing and ready to fight for myself and the amazing woman around me who continue to face discrimination and gender biases. I will speak up and stand out around others to make sure my voice is heard.

That to me is soaring.

As we all fight together, we will all soar above judgements and prejudices, and become the voices that will be heard, and the voices to be remembered.

It’s our time to soar. Watch us.