The Grey Zone

Categories: Misc.

I exist in a zone of both privilege and lack of privilege. I’m a first-generation brown queer female who is the daughter of two supportive and economically stable immigrants who would do anything to make sure I was happy and successful in life.

From the outside, I am the enemy of Trump’s America: a brown woman trying to invade the world of white men. But I still have so much privilege compared to my Muslim and Black comrades who struggle against police brutality and institutional racism. I will happily pay my “different tax” with a little discomfort and a little awkwardness, because other people have to pay with their lives.

I am 22 years old and I have lost track of how many times I was the only woman of color in a room. I go to a PWI— a Predominately White Institution— and while I have many aspects of white privilege, I’m still Not White.

I’m stuck in a grey zone where I recognize my need to fight for those who are less privileged than I am, while also fighting against my own oppressors.

But as a woman once told me, “white privilege and white supremacy is a many headed snake. While it impacts different communities differently, there is still one main cause: the white male institutions.” White privilege impacts me differently than it impacts a black woman or a Muslim woman or a trans person of color, but we are all fighting the same beast.

We all exist in a grey zone of some different shades and we all must work together to eradicate the same beast. 


Rashi Narayan is college senior studying International Development and Arabic.