January: Reproductive Rights, Health, and Justice

“Trump Meets With 30 White Men To Discuss Women’s Health Care.” For too long, women-identified, non-binary, gender nonconforming, and femme folks have been told we are unqualified to make decisions about our bodies, our lives, and our futures. We have been repeatedly silenced, with disenfranchisement of all forms impacting women of color, immigrant women, Indigenous women, and transgender women, most severely. However, while those who choose to police and restrict our autonomy have risen in power, so too has our demand to be heard, our demand to choose what is best for our bodies, and our demand to have the opportunity to live those choices.

Our most sincere gratitude to our incredible partners at In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, for their leadership, wisdom, and support. A special thank you to Center for Reproductive Rights for providing critical resources and information.

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