June: LGBTQ+ Rights, Equality, Justice & Liberation

We’re pretty positive at this point you know it’s the end of Pride Month. From Pizza Hut making heart-shaped pizzas to United Airlines, Citibank, Converse, and countless other brands and corporations “celebrating” with rainbow merchandise and vague, cutesy slogans; Pride has truly gone mainstream. The real origins of the LGBTQ+ rights, equity, and liberation movement (stemming from the Stonewall riots), and the continued persecution of queer people is frustratingly overshadowed by the common act of “pinkwashing” that often replaces advocacy. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and of Pride, we dedicated this policy pack to breaking down and exploring current policies, or lack thereof, that enable continued discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in the U.S.— and that go below the surface of what dominates the narrative.

We thank The National LGBTQ Task Force for their partnership and for allowing us to learn from their leadership and brilliance as we wrote this Policy Pack. We extend our deepest gratitude to their entire team for their leadership in this space and their generosity to us always. We are lucky to work in community with them.

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