June: Now Is A Time For Action (Policing, Reparations, Voting)

We are asking ourselves where to start, what to do, when will it be enough. We are processing pain and trauma that is renewed each time we Say Their Names. We are taking to the frontlines to protest against police brutality and make unequivocally clear: Black Lives Matter.  

Now, we are taking control of the legislative process.

We know the barriers we are up against. We know we are navigating police brutality that was born from Jim Crow segregation that was born from slavery that was born from the very roots of white supremacy. We know we are navigating a political climate that was born from voter roll purges and voter ID laws that were born from poll taxes and literacy tests that were born from Constitutionally ordained disenfranchisement. 

We see the mountain but we refuse to yield our power to it.

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