March: End Racial Profiling & The Criminalization of Women and Girls of Color

This Women’s History Month we recommit ourselves to recognizing and amplifying the leadership of women who have led throughout history. However, to truly understand their power and strength, we have to address the systems and forces of oppression they worked to tear down. We have to confront the brutal ways the legacy of slavery, continuation of racism, and power of patriarchy shape our institutions. While we pledge to continue these conversations and actions well beyond March, we took this opportunity to center the critical anti-racist work and leadership of those who teach us, inspire us, and challenge us to do more and do better. That is why we are beyond grateful for the opportunity to partner with and learn from YWCA USA, which has been at the forefront of the movement to “eliminate racism and empower women” for over 150 years.

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Take action with YWCA to advance policies that will help end racial profiling and criminalization.