March: Justice-Involved Women and Girls

From Senator Booker to the Koch Brothers to the Kardashians, justice reform is gaining momentum in the public discourse. In fact, while the 115th Congress could not prevent a government shutdown before leaving office, it did pass The First Step Act and reauthorize the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Act for the first time in nearly two decades. This coincides with decarceration efforts at the state level. Before we get too excited, it’s important to reckon with how much further we have to push, understand that recent reforms only reform the system for a relatively privileged few, and address the reality that many of the changes fail to account for the unique experiences of justice-involved women and girls.

We thank Rights4Girls for allowing us to learn from their research and brilliance as we wrote this Policy Pack. We extend our deepest gratitude to their entire team for their leadership in this space and their generosity to us always. We are lucky to work in community with them.

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