November: The Courts

Every day, the select powers-that-be who serve on the nation’s Courts decide whether or not everyday people will have access to care, opportunity, protections, and the liberty to live full, safe, and healthy lives. Today, Donald Trump and his allies in the Senate are rushing to advance judicial nominees who fail to uphold those fundamental rights for everyday people. 

For young people, this is particularly concerning as judges receive lifetime appointments. This means that they are mapping out our futures with every decision they write. This means that our futures are being written by Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the wealthy donors who put them in office. We refuse to cede this branch of our democracy to these corrupt politicians. Fortunately, with leaders like Alliance For Justice Action Campaign, our fight will stay strong.

We are proud to partner with AFJAC on this Policy Pack and thank them for their leadership in this movement. 

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