October: Menstrual Equity

For too many, menstruation leads to a choice between food or menstrual hygiene; missed school or work; bullying; anxiety; “pain more severe than a heart attack;” not getting to visit a loved one experiencing incarceration; a questioning of self; and so much more.

Understanding this, delegates at our 2018 National Convention called on Platform to take action for equity for ALL menstruators. They made clear it was time for full access to menstrual products in schools, in prisons and jails, in the workplace, and in bathrooms for all genders. Our delegates’ leadership brought us to the table with Congresswoman Meng’s staff where we added our voice to the conversation on her Menstrual Equity for All Act. We, along with our incredible partners at De Lune, called for explicitly gender-neutral language and affirmed our support for comprehensive efforts to end period poverty.

A year, a Period Party, and a ME4All lobby day later, we are thrilled to play our part in the movement for menstrual equity. We are grateful to learn from the organizations leading the way, because this is a movement long-fought but sure to be won. And we cannot wait to show up in solidarity for PERIOD’s National Period Day on October 19. See you there.

Download the Menstrual Equity Policy Pack here