September: Immigrant Rights at the Border

Years ago, we pledged “never again” and concentration camps abroad and internment camps on U.S. soil were cast as things of the past. All the while, ever-present anti-immigrant sentiments and policies mounted. Now, our pathetic excuse for a President is allowing raids to deport immigrant families while our Congress fails to put a stop to the abuse.

It is terrifying. The most terrifying part is how familiar this all is and in its familiarity we should be able to stop it and confront it with ease. But that is not the case.

We need to abolish ICE. We need to restore DACA and TPS and refugee programs to their full forms. We need real change that centers the humanity of immigrants above all else. This will take time but the need is now. Immigrant communities deserved sweeping systemic change long ago, but instead policies get worse each day. It’s easy to feel helpless. But we are not in the business of helplessness, especially not with lives on the line.

So we will continue to fight. We will continue to take direction from frontline communities. We will continue on until the humanity and dignity of immigrants is the first consideration in any conversation about visas, paths to citizenship, and access to resources. We will stay lobbying and advocating for change.

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