State Summits

Join us for our new Our Voices Summits in Ohio and Iowa to become a leader in the legislative process — before, during, and after election day.

We have seen remarkable leaps and bounds of young people reclaiming their government. Voter turnout is up and the streets are full of striking and protesting young people. Yet still far too many young women-identifying and femme folx believe their votes do not matter. This belief is not rooted in apathy but rather from a very deep reality that inside state capitols, elected officials make decisions about our bodies, lives, and futures without listening to our voices. 

These Summits are going to change that. 

Throughout the Summits — to be held in Ohio from February 23-24 and Iowa from April 5-6 — delegates will learn how to lobby, learn about state-wide policy issues, develop their own policy goals, and meet with state legislators to advance those goals. Additionally, we will institute organizing tracks that include voter registration and relational organizing. Finally, each delegate will make a “pay it forward commitment”: They will each pledge to at least one lobbying action and one voter-turnout action.

When young people are part of the process to turn ideas into legislation into law, they will understand that they have a critical power to engage in politics on election day and in all the days that follow. They will see, firsthand, that not only does their vote matter, their voice is essential in shaping the process matters. 

With 2020 around the corner, there is no better time to amplify young women-identifying and femme voices who are calling for change that accounts for their own bodies, lives, and futures.