"Inspire women to do great things."

Tooba Hussain

“This organization has revolutionized the role of women and intersectionality in contemporary politics and discourse. Platform has not simply demonstrated a commitment to providing a seat at the table for women of diverse backgrounds and experiences, but it has re-envisioned the table itself. This empowerment of the female voice in the context of decisions that shape this nation’s present and future is precisely what emerging leaders, thinkers and organizers need as a foundation to produce sustainable change in the public and private spheres. Platform is the perfect organization to spearhead this effort towards empowerment!”

Sydney Stewart

“I have loved starting a chapter because I love being part of an organization that empowers other women to raise their voices. My favorite experience through Platform has been conceptualizing and planning our Intersectionality Dinner for the Ohio State community. Last year we were able to bring together 70 professors, nonprofit leaders, and students to gain a deeper understanding of, and dialogue, about issues we care about. I am excited to see Platform continue to impact the Columbus community through our outreach efforts. Platform mentors and helps you develop your vision to make a difference, whether that be starting a chapter, planning an event, or lobbying! This is an opportunity every young leader should take advantage of.”

Kanyinsola Oye

“I believe that working with Platform is a life-changing experience that every young leader should be apart of. I began working with Platform specifically this year regarding lobbying for absentee ballots for college students worldwide….To work with Platform is to work with a team of women that dedicates their time to seeing you reach your full potential. I never really believed I could lead a group of students to lobby on Capitol Hill, Platform has given me the confidence and faith, that anything I dream is possible.”

Christina Giordano

“Whenever I attend a Platform event, I know that the space is going to be super welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and intentional. I appreciate being surrounded by women who strive to make a difference in their community through advocacy and through using their voice to empower others. I started going to Platform events in DC and when I moved to NY, was really proud to be more involved in the chapter’s work.”

Serena Saunders

“Platform has literally given me a platform to share my opinions on current events and culture with an intersectional feminist spin. The guidance provided by the Platform team in the process of writing my blogs has been incredibly helpful, insightful and clear, while still allowing me to speak my own mind. I can’t state how grateful I am to be given such an amazing opportunity and wish the same for every young womxn.”

Paula Gil-Ordonez Gomez

“Platform has undoubtedly made me more confident engaging in the political process! Before this past summer I had never lobbied before, but by the end of it I had met with several Congressional offices about the Menstrual Equity Act, the Women’s Health Protection Act, as well as many immigrants’ rights bills. Notably, during Platform’s Convention, I lobbied in Senator Elizabeth Warren’s office for her to cosponsor S.1243- Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act of 2019. A month later, her office reached out to me and let me know that she had agreed to cosponsor the bill! A big thank you to Platform for giving me the skills and support to put my ideas into action.”

Shivani Desai

“Since exploding onto the scene, Platform has been absolutely committed to uplifting the voices of young people. I’ve seen it in so many ways – the fight to include young voices against Kavanaugh, the community it brings together for its annual convention, the partnerships it builds with other youth-serving organizations, the advocacy days it holds where hundreds of young people pour into Congress to hold their legislators accountable on feminist issues. This country is better for the community of mentorship and empowerment that Platform has created. Young womxn deserve to know that spaces of power belong to them, and Platform is a leading voice reminding them of that every day.”

Joy Ikekhua

“Amending the Platform Pledge surrounded by people who are committed to building a reproductively just society was powerful and affirming of my identities and experiences. The process of intentionally making sure that everyone’s opinion was heard and accounted for as we amended the pledge, while creating space to push our beliefs and challenge our implicit biases is a testament to the kind of work the repro movement needs to sustain itself.”

Nadia Mckinney

“I joined Platform because I was looking for a community of individuals who were just as passionate about social justice as I am, and within this community I am constantly given a safe space where my own lived experiencesare validated, affirmed and used as my power. I wanted to help grow Platform’s vision and started a Community Chapter in NYC! I am very grateful to be part of a community who is constantly empowering, advocating and striving for sustainable change by uplifting the voices of young womxn.”

Shannon Gonick

“I have always been hesitant to speak frankly about the social and political issues I care about for fear of never being knowledgable enough about something to be worthy of discussing it. However, the Platform Convention taught me that every person is the expert about their own life, which means that I have the right to take a stand on any issue that impacts me—while centering the experiences of women and femme folks who bear the greatest burden.”

Jada Kissi

“Platform has helped grow me into the person I am today, in ways I sometimes don’t even realize. Being a part of this organization has taught me that my voice matters and that I am capable of making a change, despite what the world may tell me! I find myself advocating for myself and others on the issues we care about and are affecting us. The womxn of Platform are incredible and inspiring; they embody intersectional feminism and uncompromising allyship.”

Donna Kiriella

“When I first heard about feminism, I didn’t know what it meant. It was a term that was widely used without a coherent definition. When I joined Platform last year, Platform made me realize that feminism is the act of women-identifying folx using their voices to channel their concerns that could resonate with many others and calling for a change. A year since joining Platform, I realized one of the keys of amplifying our voices is with confidence. With confidence we can share our stories far and wide so it can radiate to others and have their support in calling for a change.”

Abrar Omeish

“Platform’s Convention was an empowering experience that allowed me to be among many changemaking and supportive women who share my vision for a better future. It was uplifting and inspiring to hear their stories and to learn about their passions to ensure all voices are represented. The Convention was an incredible opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas for even more projects to come!”