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✓ Pledges to make space for young women-identified, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and femme voices in the rooms where decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures are made. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to end racial profiling and the criminalization of women and girls-identified people of color. Authored and passed HCR13, an Anti-Hate Resolution, through the New Hampshire House Plans to reimplement the Family Case Management Program which was successful for 99% of asylum seekers Plans to protect the Flores Settlement against the Trump Administrations' attacks and violations ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to protect immigrant’s rights and opportunities. Supports a clean DACA bill Supports a pathway to citizenship ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to secure economic justice for all women-identified people. Supports the Equal Pay Act Supports protecting women's access to reproductive health care which dictates a women's ability to determine her own economic future. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to end sexual violence and guarantee protections for all survivors. Supported legislation to hold corrections officers responsible for sexual violence against women inmates in the state of NH ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to end gun violence. Worked to bring a bill in New Hampshire this past session to make some legislative changes post-Parkland Attended the ASLGVP conference for the last two years, moderated a panel on the Epidemiology of Gun Violence Prevention Plans to allow the CDC to study the public health crisis to look at ways to prevent gun violence Supports immediate common sense changes like background checks, the ERPOs, prohibition of bump stocks, high capacity magazines and assault rifles ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to ensure access to and protection of reproductive justice. Singularly responsible for preventing the passage of an abortion registry bill in the NH House this past session. Worked across the aisle to get help to do so and succeeded Supports efforts to expand access to reproductive health care in underserved areas ✓ Pledges to preserve, protect, and respect the humanity, equality, dignity, identity, and rights of each person.