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✓ Pledges to make space for young women-identified, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and femme voices in the rooms where decisions about their bodies, lives, and futures are made. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to end racial profiling and the criminalization of women and girls-identified people of color. Supports efforts to increase the use of body cameras by police. Supports initiatives to educate officers about non-violent law enforcement strategies and make them aware of the impact of their known or unknown racial biases. Supports the creation of citizen-police boards which serve as an independent group that help officers communicate with and understand how to respond within communities of color. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to protect immigrant’s rights and opportunities. Committed to making H1B and H2B visas more accessible so that people who wish to work in this country do not have to wait months or years to be able to contribute to businesses that need them. Supports a long-term solution to DACA that creates a pathway to citizenship for the 800,000 Dreamers and allows them to continue to contribute to our communities, workforce, and economy. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to secure economic justice for all women-identified people. Calls for greater wage transparency on the part of the employers and calls on the government hold businesses taking part in unequal payment based on gender or race accountable for their actions. Supports legislation that imposes real consequences for employers found guilty of discrimination based on parental status. Supports enforcement of existing laws created to prevent wage discrimination by ensuring communities are aware of their rights in the workplace. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to end sexual violence and guarantee protections for all survivors. Calls for an end to the use of taxpayer money to defend members of Congress from allegations of sexual assault and harassment. Favors H.R. 4481, which would amend the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 to prevent representatives from using public money to settle violations of the Act. Supports more transparent workplace standards so that employers are aware of their responsibilities to prevent sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination, and respond to accusations in an appropriate and timely manner. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to end gun violence. Calls for greater enforcement of existing laws, including background checks. Supports measures including universal background checks as well as stricter limits on the purchase of large amounts of ammunition, assault-style rifles, and modifications like bump stocks. Understands there will not be reform with firearms until our Representatives are no longer in the pocket of big money and special interests. Supports projects such as research on preventing gun violence through the Centers for Disease Control, which currently does not receive adequate funding. Understands that most gun deaths are the result of suicide and Congress needs to take a more proactive approach to ending this violence by promoting awareness of signs and symptoms of mental illness and making treatment accessible for those who need it. ✓ Pledges to pursue solutions to ensure access to and protection of reproductive justice. Supports further legislation to protect a woman’s right to choose. Calls for greater access to birth control and increased support for sexual education programs. ✓ Pledges to preserve, protect, and respect the humanity, equality, dignity, identity, and rights of each person.