Our Bodies. Our Lives. Our Futures

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Our Bodies. Our Lives. Our Futures

Video with Audio Descriptions

Who We Are

Platform is a political training and lobbying organization dedicated to ensuring the voices of all who identify as young women, non-conforming, non-binary, and femme folx are heard in the rooms where decisions are made. In amplifying our voices, we will hold lawmakers accountable to legislative progress. We do this through:



We regularly head to capitol hill to meeting with Congress



Attend a workshops to engage in issues that matter to you most



Together, our community leads, lobbies, and learns

Policy Packs

Every month we release a Policy Pack that serves as a guide to a key issue. We cover the lingo, key statistics, main stakeholders, existing laws and new legislation, and how to take action.

Every day, the select powers-that-be on the Courts decide whether or not everyday people will have access to care, opportunity, protections, and the liberty to live full, safe, and healthy lives. Every day, they remind us exactly why it matters who sits in the seats of justice.

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The next president of the United States is on the ballot for 2020, and so is Platform. Just like the candidates running, we’re asking you to believe in our mission and policy goals and elect us to change the current landscape of politics — we already have the receipts to prove we can do it.  Join us on Giving Tuesday (December 3), and take part in Platform's campaign to get our voices heard in politics. Will you pledge $20 for a better 2020?